“The sessions allowed me to feel alive and present in my skin. I was able to see myself in a way I never have.”

Meet the Healers and Facilitators


Rachel (she/her) is an artist, photographer, former birth worker, space holder and creator of Bloodroot Sessions. Her art and breath lives at the intersection of social justice, expressive arts and body liberation. She is particularly informed and inspired by queer, black, feminist thought, trauma informed everything, as well as those dreaming of abolitionist futures. She spends her time making messy art of all kinds, taking pictures of humans getting free in their bodies, and listening to plants and trees. She and her family practice connection to their Celtic, Chinese and West African ancestors through ritual, music, cultural celebration and food. She is forever in the practice of remembering how to be a whole human- mess, beauty, star dust and all.


Hanifa Nayo Washington (she/her) is an artist, soul teacher, and the Principal & Co-Founder of One Village Healing. Hanifa is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and views her energy healing as radical medicine for individual and collective liberation. Also experience Hanifa’s original healing mantras on her latest album Mantras For The Revolution, offering seven original mantras - one for each chakra.


Angela (she/her) is a fiercely loving organizer and trainer committed to justice and joy -- to large, systemic change and deep healing. Body movement and dance have cracked open for her a path to healing, self-love and individual and collective liberation. During the retreat she will invite each of us to move, sway and shake our bodies to tune-in to the emotions that reside within and to turn-on to our power.


Thema (she/her) is a healing artist who specializes in Reiki energy healing, and the Managing Director & Co-Founder of One Village Healing. Thema is certified in Usui/Holy Fire Reiki. She supports and empowers people with a space to relax, while acquiring mindfulness tools and divine knowledge on their road to healing and wholeness.


TW (she/her/they) is a radical queer educator, farmer, justice love healing warrior whose work involves finding our ways to full expression on a path of liberation, internally and collectively. She is beyond honored to show up for everything that arrives on this Bloodroot path, from logistics to laughter to loud ass noises. She will come with herbs, salves, grounding practices, and wildness.

Lisa Graustein

Lisa (she/her) is a queer activist, Quaker minister, and former public school teacher with over 20 years of experience in working with youth. She now trains teachers and non-profit staff for the purpose of increasing racial and gender equity .She is a facilitator of the Beyond Diversity 101 workshops and as a Quaker minister she works at the intersection of racial justice, climate change, and reparations in her faith community. She brings color, care and grounding wherever she goes. 

“I am so open and grateful at this moment, for the way I’m loving my body and myself. I wanted to thank you but I also realized that I should thank myself...because this has actually been here all along.”