Birth Stories

01 / 06

Birth Stories

forever changed

The birth of a child is one of the most transformational of all life experiences, shifting the inner landscape in ways only the heart knows.
As a former labor and birth nurse, I've had the deep privilege of being present with many women while they've birthed babies and the power of it will never become ordinary. The witnessing of a laboring woman is like watching a sacred dance, one that leads her right up to the edge of who she thought she was only to find that there's an entire ocean on the other side.

Remember all the moments

Birth photography allows families to remember all of the moments of their journey- the gentle reassurance of a partner’s touch, the supportive team surrounding you, the laughter, the intensity and the joyous relief in those first precious moments of meeting your baby.

As a former labor and birth nurse and doula, having attended nearly 200 births, I am not only sensitive to needs of a laboring parent but also knowledgable of the birthing process. I have photographed all kinds of births in all sorts of settings ranging from home birth, to birth center, as well as hospital and cesarean birth. I believe that every birth story is sacred and worthy of being told through pictures. I view my role as the keeper of your story so that you can look back and see the strength and courage you embodied to bring your child into the world. 

What to expect?

An in-person meeting over coffee or tea so we can get to know each other and so I can answer any questions you may have. It’s really important that you feel comfortable with me or whoever you choose to photograph your birth due to the powerful and vulnerable nature of the process. 

On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the weeks surrounding your due date 

Photography coverage of active labor as well as 1-2 hours after the baby is born. Additional hours available if desired.

Deliver of 150+ hand edited, digital images within 2 weeks of your birth and a preview gallery of 10 images within 48 hours. Birth photography begins at $1,500

Option to purchase an album and prints.


When should I book with you?

As soon as you know that you are interested in having a birth photographer! This gives us plenty of time to get to know one another and to make sure that my schedule is clear to be able to accommodate you.

What will it be like having you there during labor?

In the time leading up to your due date we will be in contact frequently so that I will feel like a familiar part of the birth support team. I am very comfortable being with laboring women and adapting their their needs from my time as a doula and labor nurse. I believe it is essential for you to have a peaceful, quiet birth space and my goal is to capture you, your partner and your support team with as little interference as possible.

What if you miss the birth?

Birth can be unpredictable! I make every effort to arrive with enough time to capture your labor, birth, and first hours together. In the event that the birth is missed, I will still come and tell the story of meeting your baby with love and care. I will stay as long as is needed to get the same amount of images you would have received if you had a longer labor.

How many images can I expect?

I deliver between 150-200 hand-edited images. The exact number depends on the unique length and unfolding of your story.

Do you share every birth on social media?

Getting to share empowering images of parents birthing their babies is amazing. Through these images, there’s an opportunity to change the way our culture views parenthood + birth. However, I fully respect families that wish to keep their birth images private. During our consultation, we'll discuss exactly what you do or don't want shared and I will always ask before sharing any images.

What is your pricing?

Birth photography is an investment due to the time involved and unplanned nature of birth. However it’s an investment worth making as these images capture priceless moments in your family’s life. Birth collections start at $1,500.