Frequently Asked Questions

What will my Bloodroot Session be like?

It's difficult to describe exactly what your session will be like, but what I can say is that Bloodroot Sessions are a space for you to embody that which your heart needs most and it's a space for generous permission to be in your body. If you're wanting to bring in self love you can touch your body with kindness, if there's joy you can laugh and dance, if there's grief you can cry, if there's rage you can scream, if you're feeling sexy you can BE sexy...all is welcome and no two sessions are alike. In both my studio and retreat sessions I provide wardrobes options as well as elements such as dirt, ash, water, fire, roots, antlers and all sorts of magical props for you to work with. I also intentionally make multiple points of connection with womxn prior to the experience of being photographed so that those I am capturing feel as comfortable as possible.

How is the Bloodroot Experience different from the Bloodroot Retreat?

The Bloodroot Experience is a taste of what the Bloodroot Retreats are like with an unstructured day of partaking in some of the retreat offerings. There are 45 minute studio sessions at my home studio for each participant, 20 minute tarot card reading, homemade soup and snacks, an opportunity to meet other womxn and enjoy the self love library filled with books, flower essences, and other supportive goodness. A private viewing of the Bloodroot Session images with the other womxn who have done the Experience is also included as well as access to all Bloodroot alumni events.

Why is the Bloodroot Retreat SO expensive?

There is a whole lot of love that goes into every aspect of the Bloodroot Sessions Retreat. The food is homemade, the locations are carefully chosen, often with acres of land allowing for privacy, we hold several multi-dimensional workshops, provide individual reiki sessions for each participant as well as opportunities for art and flower/plant medicine making, and many more magical extras. The photo sessions alone are worth $800 and include a great deal of intention so that each person feels safe and held. This is deep work and requires a village of skilled folks to hold, craft, and create the retreat- all of whom are paid their worth as my heart is to truly feed those who lives intersect with this work. There’s so much that goes into making the retreat the powerful, healing experience that it is and that requires resources.

Some testimonials about the value of the retreats:

"I had no idea the level of intention that goes into the Bloodroot Retreat. The experience was truly priceless."

"The thoughtful details, the workshops, the PHOTO SESSION! Wow, this was just so far beyond what I was expecting.”

“I could go on for ages with descriptive words-affirming, grounding, healing, liberating- and never feel it fully encompassed the magic that fueled the entire weekend. My heart and spirit remain full of awe and gratitude for the vision and manifestation of the creators of this weekend retreat. When sharing my experience with others, I refer to you all as "transformation doulas" because it feels that each participant left stripped of layers they intended to shed, with the care and guidance of practiced loving healers.”

Do you offering sliding scale and payment plans?

Yes! Each retreat has 2 sliding scale spots built into the budget and the possibility for more depending on where the scholarship fund is at. I believe that this kind of offering should be accessible to all womxn and that we are better together with our vast array of identities and experiences. If you feel called to attend but need help with the cost please reach out and we will let you know what is available. Unfortunately we can’t accommodate everyone who applies for a sliding scale spot but we hope that announcing the dates a year in advance will allow time for saving.

Payment plans are available. Please email me at to inquire about coming up with a personal payment plan.

If you feel led to contribute to the scholarship fund we are able to offer you a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution.

I really want to do a session / come to the retreat but I feel nervous. Is that normal?

Yes! Nearly everyone says they feel nervous at some point in the process of deciding to have a Bloodroot Session or attend a retreat. I spend a lot of time communicating with womxn, creating safety and trust through multiple points of contact before anyone is even before my lens. Nervousness is completely normal.

Why do you spell womxn with an x?

The word “womxn” is an inclusive, intersectional term that encompasses all those who identify as womxn and was coined specifically to name the exclusion womxn of color, those who are gender-fluid and trans womxn for the dominant feminist narrative.

All of us are harmed by patriarchy, including men, however particular hurt has landed on the bodies and spirits of womxn, to varying degrees, based on their intersecting identities. Bloodroot is a welcoming affinity space for all those who identify as womxn, including trans womxn and femme-identifying genderqueer and non-binary individuals.

Do I have to be naked for the photo session?

No! Nudity is always a choice and whatever you choose your beautiful truth will be captured. Each womxn is free to take off however much clothing she is comfortable shedding. You are in charge of your photo session from beginning to end.